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“Another World is Possible - Youth Creative Activism through Urban Arts” was an 8-day training course on promoting urban culture and art as a positive expression of young people’s participation. The training course
brought together 31 youth leaders from Denmark, the UK, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Romania,Portugal.

The Seminar over 6-working days brought together managers of youth organisations and youth leaders to explore youth participation practices across Europe and neighboring countries, to reflect upon the value of youth exchanges as tool for youth participation, and to develop common strategies for fostering inclusive youth participation through their organisations and stakeholders.

Another World is Possible - Youth Creative Activism through Urban Arts (October 14-23, 2017)​ Vadul lui Voda, Moldova

During this project, the participants enhanced their skills
connected with solving and handling conflicts, which included, among
​- how to deal with conflicts which happen in every day life, in a
constructive way;
- how to draw positive conclusions from criticism;
- how to give criticism without hurting anybody;
- how to resolve conflicts without psychological or physical violence;
- how to cooperate in a group 

“Heritage Hunters” was a 7-day Study Visit to promote cultural heritage among youth through innovative and artistic activities. The Study Visit brought together 29 youth leaders from the UK, Denmark, Armenia, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. The Study Visit took place between the 6th and 14th October 2017 in Moldova.

What do YOU Think (October 20-30, 2017)​ Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova

The project aimed to enhance young people’s sense of active citizenship and sense of initiative by the use of coaching techniques. The project targeted youth workers and had the following objectives:
- to deepen participants' understanding on the concept of active citizenship;
- to deepen participants knowledge about coaching and coaching tools, and how it can be applied to empower youth to be active citizens.

“Empower You(th)! Training of innovative models and methods in youth work” (November, 2017)​ Luserna San Giovanni, Italy

This project aimed to look at conflict resolution from a unique perspective, trying to identify the core roots of conflict in different countries and then trying to find solutions for these conflicts by further researching the roots and origins of their foods and cultures so show that they have a common and shared history and that in some way or another they have influenced each other’s cultures and therefore have more in common than they think, they share something that they love, so why can’t they learn to love each other in the same way.

Time for tea 2 (October 21-27, 2017)​ London, UK

Peace of Cake (January 19-27, 2017)​

London, United kingdom

Heritage Hunters (October 6-14, 2017)​ Dumbrava, Moldova

The main goal of the Access City Odorheiu Secuiesc European youth mobility project was to highlight and to recognize the special needs of the large number of people with disabilities in Eastern Europe and to underline the importance of developing and implementing local policies and humanitarian practices which will promote the special rights for all those who are living with some form of disability and will make their life easier.

The aim of the project was to improve the capacity of youth organizations and youth workers to integrate environmental protection measures in their youth projects and activities and to use the Reduce Reuse Recycle concept during the project lifetime in order to have an environmentally responsible project

Children with thalassemia can not make their dreams come true and can not have normal life so they are isolated from society because they are not able to join several activities like other people. The program aimed :
​1) Raising awareness about thalassemia and sickle‐cell disease, 
2) Evaluating different actions in European Countries against thalassemia,

3) Creating common ideas in order to struggle against thalassemia and sickle‐cell disease, 
4) Increasing life quality of people who suffers from these diseases, 
5) Increasing employment possibilities of disadvantaged social groups and motivate their social integration, 
6) Seeing how other European Countries struggle with similar diseases in different regions of Europe and analysing different examples, 
7) Making couples conscious about thalassemia before marriage and making them having thalassemia test before marriage,
8) Removing thalassemia and a lot of diseases from destiny of a lot of babies,
9) Bringing in healthy people in society, 

The project aimed to be a practical tool that young people from different countries around the world, with different cultures and religions, could meet together discussing about a common and fundamental topic as Human Rights.

Time for tea 1 (August 19-25, 2017)​ London, UK

Conflicts happen... how to deal with them? (September 10-18, 2017)​ Wisla, Poland

Coaching for Active Citizenship (October 18-27, 2017)​ Dumbrava, Moldova

(E)Unite Against Thalassemia  (March 18-26, 2017)​

Hatay, Turkey

ACCESS CITY! (April 4-13, 2017)​

Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

The project was about the urban arts education with a goal to help young people better understand the gang culture and conflict resolution. The project was hosted by the Baby People organization that is a hip hop and urban arts education organisation. They use urban arts to educate and engage vulnerable and marginalised young people

A training course was about how to set up and organise a Time for Tea activity at the local or national level. Participants first practiced the activity together with other participants, and then made a detailed action plan for organising Time for Tea in their own country. They also were trained on how to use video to report their activities.

The main goal of the project was to increase the knowledge of NGO executives on youth challenges and innovative methods to use. The results were disseminated among NGO members through follow-up sessions. 

The main objectives of the youth exchange were: raising awareness among young people, about the necessity of checking the validity of sources and information, practicing skills of argumentation, increasing the confidence of young people in the process of decision making, raising the level of tolerance and solidarity among young people.

The thin line of Freedom (October 22-29, 2017)​ TReviso, Italy

Youth wind of Change (September 21-29, 2017)​ Salento, Italy

CONFLICTS EVERYWHERE (July 24-30, 2017)​

Iasi, RomaniA

Youth Voice! (February 9-16, 2017)​

Medway, United kingdom

RRR in Youth Projects (July 1-9, 2017)​

AUID, Romania

Understanding Urban Culture and tools for Conflict Resolution (July 25-August 3, 2017)​ Wirksworth, UK

The main goal of the project is to increase motivation, conscience and initiative spirit among young people through performance, theater and audiovisual communication.

A training course was about how to set up and organise a Time for Tea activity at the local or national level. Participants first practiced the activity together with other participants, and then made a detailed action plan for organising Time for Tea in their own country. They also were trained on how to use video to report their activities.

FUSION! (July 3-10, 2017)​

Murcia, SPAIn

The main goal of the project was to address the topics of social dialogue and International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation. The project was for young people who, for various reasons, have been exposed or involved in conflict situations, actions which have put a strong imprint in their personal development by generating many negative states. 

​The main goals of the projects were to promote youth protagonism, active participation and conscious citizenship by analysing how EU policies can favour shared youth projects and to promote of interculturality as a tool for cooperation, inclusion and elimination of exclusion.