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Elita Stepanyan, a Fourth-year Journalism Student, Shares Her ABCD Scholarship Journey

Elita Stepanyan's journey, supported by the ABCD Scholarship Program, stands as a testament to the positive impact of educational initiatives on rural communities. Through scholarships and dedication, ABCD Innovation Center continues to pave the way for aspiring students in Kalavan and beyond.


Meet Elita Stepanyan, a fourth-year part-time journalism student at Yerevan State University. Elita hails from Kalavan village, where her roots and childhood memories are deeply embedded. Having completed her schooling in Kalavan, she moved to the city to pursue higher education.

Discovery of ABCD Scholarship Program:

Elita shares that her introduction to the ABCD Scholarship Program came through a close friend, Margarita Muradyan, the Founder of Stone Soup Social Enterprise. Faced with rejections from several scholarship applications, Elita turned to ABCD Innovation Center, drawn to its focus on supporting students in rural communities.

Impact on Education and Personal Growth:

Reflecting on the past four years, Elita highlights the significant impact of the ABCD scholarship on her education and personal growth. The scholarship alleviated financial burdens, allowing her to focus on studies and personal development.

Memorable Experiences:

Elita's university journey has been marked by numerous memorable experiences, from the anticipation of exams to the satisfaction of presenting her work successfully. She looks forward to another year of challenges and growth in her fourth year.

Contributions to Kalavan Village:

Elita believes that the ABCD scholarship program can play a vital role in the development of Kalavan. By providing financial assistance to students, the program opens doors for those who aspire to pursue higher education, fostering individual growth that, in turn, contributes to the village's development.

Future Goals for Kalavan:

While Elita currently has no specific projects in mind, she expresses a desire to address a crucial issue in the village. Many children in Kalavan lack post-school activities, and Elita envisions creating opportunities for them to explore and develop their talents, whether in singing, drawing, or playing musical instruments.

Message to Aspiring Students:

Elita encourages fellow Kalavan youth to pursue their dreams despite the challenges. She emphasizes the difficulty of the journey but underscores the invaluable rewards—education, self-confidence, friendships, and a profession—that come with it. Elita firmly believes in the transformative power of university education for personal and communal progress.

About ABCD Scholarship Program:
Established in 2020, the ABCD Scholarship Program, initiated by the ABCD Innovation Center located in Kalavan village, is a transformative initiative dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the children and youth of Kalavan. With a vision to empower the local community, the program focuses on granting scholarships to deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education at universities. Rooted in the belief that education is a catalyst for individual and community development, the ABCD Scholarship Program strives to break barriers by offering financial support to talented and aspiring students, fostering a brighter future for Kalavan and its residents.

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