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ABCD Innovation Center

Duration: 2019-ongoing


ABCD Innovation Center in cooperation with Forums Synergies offers a Scholarship Programme - an exchange programme for young people. We are addressing young people involved in rural development activities, who want to discover or improve their knowledge and their know-how in a particular field of sustainable rural development,

The Scholarship Programme offers to the trainee to discover and learn from the experiences and practices of people and organisations dedicated to sustainable local and rural development, while spending a time in Kalavan village (according to the hosts availability).


It is important that a real exchange between host and trainee is established and that the trainee brings back a particular know-how as well as share his experience and knowledge about practice in his country with the host.

The scholarship lasts ideally 1 month. A minimum of 2 weeks and maximum up to three months can be discussed on the basis of the proposed work programme and funds available. 

​ABCD Innovation Center hosts at least two trainees each year. 

Find more about one of our trainee's experience

​The project is co-financed by the Forum Synergies

Young People For The Future Of Sustainable Rural Development