Duration: January - December 2019   


​​The overall objective of the project was to bring together Armenian and Turkish emerging grassroots leaders to collaborate and create joint projects that will deepen ties between two countries, build NGO capacity, and strengthen civil society. 

Project specific objectives:

1. Establish ties between Armenian and Turkish emerging grassroots leaders and organizations;

2. Introduce participants to methods, resources, and leadership skills for developing and implementing community-based initiatives that increase civil society participation, as well as increase capacity building with local NGOs;

3. Provide participants with an understanding of volunteerism and community service in order to develop community based projects that meet the needs of the target population, as well as address the broader social challenges that impact the communities they serve;

4. Increase the understanding of governmental, non-governmental, and societal roles and influences on key issues;

5. Enhance participant knowledge of new media as a tool of increasing awareness and civic participation;

6. Increase mutual understanding, professionally, politically, and culturally.

Overall 24 participants were selected from both countries (12 participants from Armenia and 12 participants from Turkey). Four training courses were organized within the project in Canakkale, Turkey and Yerevan / Kalavan, Armenia. 

​One of the main achievements of the project is that 12 young leaders from Turkey learnt and experienced more about the Armenia and its culture and 12 young leaders from Armenia had the same experience in Turkey. 

This project was funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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