From 13th June to 22nd June, Copenhagen Youth Network and Youth for Society Georgia held an Erasmus+ program "Shaping New Tomorrow" in Denmark. They had gathered more than 30 participants from all over the world: Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Jordan.

The topics were cultural awareness, multiculturalism, tolerance, human rights, hate speech, digital skills, ethnic and religious minority rights, etc. Each country's team was supposed to make their own sessions. Every country had their own cultural night and everybody worked in teams. Mostly it was "learning by doing." The program not only aimed to raise awareness but also to network and improve team-building and communication skills. Each country's team had an opportunity to prepare a session and share their knowledge and ideas regarding these topics. Each team was supposed to organize team building activities during their sessions, and each of them was free to choose a topic and what methods to use for this activity. Cultural nights were a great tool to get to know other countries and cultures better. It was fun and educational at the same time.

Our Armenian team had invaluable experience during this project. We were able to introduce Armenia from various perspectives, talk about problems in our country, and how we can contribute to solving these problems. We played situational and group games, as a result of which it was possible to strengthen intercultural and personal ties, get to know each other and exchange experience. We had theatre sessions and TedX talks. The Georgian team organized a UN General Assembly Model game in which we were supposed to convince our point of view, negotiate, and, in the end, find the best solutions to discussed topics and write a declaration. After each activity, we had a discussion. We talked about what we learned from that activity, what problems we had, and how we could solve these problems for the next time.
This was not only a learning process, a family was formed during these days. We became really good friends and had tears when we left Denmark. We now have friends from seven different countries. Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and worldview. Do not hesitate to apply for Erasmus+ projects, and do not miss this great opportunity to experience what we have experienced!

"Shaping New Tomorrow" Project in Denmark  

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