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HERITAGE HUNTERS. seminar in the UK

First of all we want to say big thanks to the Erasmus+ program for giving us such an amazing experience. We got to know amazing and interesting people from different countries and gained new friends.
The project was really a good one. There were so many interesting and useful discussions and meetings. We visited a farm, windmill, library, museums, galleries and art centers.
We were truly impressed by the Poetry night, it was such a good idea to introduce us the best poems of other countries in their languages. We were also glad to hear poems of young writers from Nottingham. 
We will always remember the intercultural evening, because it was really incredible and funny. We found many common things between participant countries. What is important for us is that we learnt to deal with each other.

We were highly impressed by Secret library and how it works. The concept of Non-formal education also gave us a huge inspiration.
It was interesting to listen to the UNESCO's representatives about how to preserve the heritages. Last days were our favourite ones. We created our own non-formal education methods. Those methods not only helped us to improve our skills, but also to see things differently.

Above all of this we fell in love with Nottingham-a city that is a mixture of old and new. We think there is no other city better for heritage hunters. We think this seminar was  super successful because we had many non-formal activities which helped us to improve our skills in encouraging youth education about cultural heritage. We are happy to share this experience with our volunteers and friends.

​Greta, Lilit and Rita