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The great experience in Morocco_Erasmus+ program by the Copenhagen Youth Network

Young people from different countries came together in Marrakesh, Morocco, as part of an Erasmus+ youth exchange program to address Islamic radicalization and extremism. The initiative ensured inclusive and respectful activities by professionally managing a variety of cultures and organizations. Strong support networks and well-designed initiatives made the experience safe and interesting for every participant. Even though the project dealt with important subjects, it featured fun team-building exercises, cultural nights, and local trips that promoted cultural interchange and friendship. Expert-led workshops provided participants with useful tools and tactics to help them understand and combat radicalization. Participants were able to express their viewpoints and gain knowledge from one another through lively conversations. Additionally, the project improved soft skills including leadership, teamwork, dispute resolution, critical thinking, and intercultural communication. 

Participants gained a deeper awareness of extremism, a network of supportive peers, and useful personal and professional skills that they may use in their own communities as a result of this life-changing event that promoted unity and collaboration.

Huge thanks to the Erasmus+ and Copenhagen Youth Network organizations for this incredible experience of exploring, learning about, and discovering more about our world. People value the work you do.