Power to the people

ABCD Innovation Center

These Global Responsibility Education (GRE) guidelines are developed by ABCD Innovation Center NGO, built on experience gained during the perennial involvement in the sphere as well as the cooperation with partner organizations. It is a common tool for individuals, which aims to address urgent global matters promote the idea of sustainable development strengthen global responsibility on every day basis contribute to education polices in local and global level increase GRE practice sharing.

This guideline is for all of us! It can be applied on a daily base, at our home, in our office and the everyday management of the organizations. We believe, that the idea of environmental sustainability should be embraced by everybody!

We are not asking you to change all your habits at once. You can start by what looks easier for you and by embracing one idea at a time.

The guidelines should be regarded as an ongoing process, which should be regularly reviewed with new ideas and practices brought from stakeholders’ experiences.