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Enjoy your Hooga moments in Kalavan

(Marija Knežević , SERBIA)

Kalavan for sure have many guest houses and whichever you choose (or it's not occupied at the moment) I am sure you will have great treatment. But this story is dedicated to the guest house I am currently staying at, called Hooga Guest House.
Hooga (or Hygge) is actually very interesting Danish concept. It is very hard to translate this in one word because it is complex concept that can be used in different contexts. As Danish American translator Tove Maren Stakkestad said: "Hygge was never meant to be translated, but to be felt." Just like other complex concepts, like happiness for example, Hooga can be different for different people. We can say that this concept encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. You can live Hooga life in many different ways. It can be coziness at home, like nice furniture, candles and so on. Or it can be enjoying outdoors, for example cycling, hiking or having a picnic, simple finding joy and peace in nature. You can express it through self-care, like reading a book in cozy setting with the blanket near the fire with the glass of wine, basically it can be anything that helps you recharge your batteries. Hooga can also be shared with others, family and friends. And can also be savored through food and drinks you enjoy.
I think that this name perfectly fits the Guest House I am staying at. Everything here is carefully designed to help you have many Hooga moments. First of all, it's simple, like Hooga is simple. It really suits my minimalist's soul. This Guest House actually has only two bedrooms, so you can relax without anyone bothering you if you prefer that, having self-care Hooga. Or you can have Hooga moment together with someone staying in the same Guest House, it's up to you and your preferences. This place is cozy, the beds are super comfy, with many pillows and blankets, so every time you go to sleep you are going to have Hooga moment. Unfortunately, there is no fire place, but there are heathers that can help you enjoy breezy nights in Kalavan. Although simple, there are various decorations that makes this place feels like home. My favorite one is gramophone, with variety of records, with everyone's taste. So you can just play some music and enjoy your time and plus you get this vintage vibe. One more Hooga moment, at least for me, is simple knowing that power is obtained from solar panels. It is nice to know that you are staying at place that is sustainable and that people here care for ecology. There is also little library, you can help yourself and choose nice book to complement your stay here. As the matter of fact, as I am writing this I am experiencing Hooga moment in my cozy bed with gramophone on and nice cup of tea. For this one I have chosen Toto Cutugno's album. Which one is your choice?