Power to the people

ABCD Innovation Center

Creating your own working future (October 20-27, 2016)​

Lednice, Czech republic

Include ME 
(November 18-26, 2016)​

Paralimni, Cyprus

The activity 'Training of Trainers in Culture and Language Learning' was a 8-working day ToT in Slettestrand, Denmark, gathering 27 youth leaders from Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Armenia.
The training took place on the 20th – 29th November 2016.
Through non-formal methods, the ToT provided the participants with tools to prepare young people for EVS or to prepare young people who have recently arrived in their local area to work, study or volunteer.

The activity 'Promoting a European Dimension in Youth Work' was a 8-working day training course in Vadul lui Voda, Republic of Moldova, gathering 27 youth leaders from Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Armenia. The training took place on 29th September – 8th October 2016.

‘Actors for Change’ was a 9-working day training course, gathering 30 youth leaders from Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Romania and United Kingdom. The training aimed to strengthen society’s role in the fight for human rights and equality. Participants gained knowledge upon the history of human rights and development, as to have a deeper understanding of why and how it became an important aspect of civilization.
The training included interactive exercises, workshops, presentations, discussions and group work.

Actors for Change (October 4-14, 2016)


The Erasmus+: Mobility for youth workers “Creating your own working future” was based on the current societal need to empower young people to be pro-active in searching for a job and to be flexible and creative. The base of being pro-active and creative is inner leadership: a strong personality which can carry the responsibility to rely on yourself and to make conscious decisions based on one´s own feelings and thoughts. We strongly believe that empowering young people through the process of inner leadership leads to increased employability. 
This training course took place in Lednice, Czech Republic in the week of 20th to 27th October 2016.

There is much discrimination in Europe and most of it is based on ignorance and fear of the unknown. Stereotypes are created and this project allowed young people from different countries to learn about each other in order to overcome these common problems. The main objective of the project was to overcome different forms of discrimination through methods of giving the opportunity to young people to learn from each other and to develop friendships.

September 15 marks the birthday of Hrant Dink. He was saying that Armenians must help to cure Turks and Turks must help to cure Armenians. There is no other prescription, no other doctor, no other effective treatment. This was a very symbolic project for ABCD Innovation Center as we truly believe in this approach. Within this project we started our new long-term with Çanakkale Koza Gençlik Derneği and it was extremely successful for both parties and we aim to build dialogue and cooperation between the two societies.

Training of Trainers in Culture and Language Learning (November 20-29, 2016)​

Slettestrand, Denmark

EVS Partnership Building Event East West Dialogues (December 8-12, 2016)​

SOEST, Netherlands

Partnership Building Meeting (september 14-17, 2016)​

Yerevan, Armenia

Training for Trainers in HRE (April 5-13, 2016)
​Murcia, Spain

Promoting a European Dimension in Youth Work (September 29 - October 8, 2016)​

Vadul lui Voda, Republic of Moldova

East West Dialogues was a partnership building and EVS quality improvement training which aims at setting up high quality EVS projects, in which partners from Western European, Eastern European and partner countries cooperate.

"HRE Trainers" was a training for trainers in Human Rights Education with young people.This course aimed at promoting a reflection on existing practices and a broadening of the educational horizons, through the inclusion of new methods and techniques that take in account todays HRE challenges. It’s goal was to develop the competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) of trainers to create and lead human rights education activities through different methodologies and with a special focus on DRAMA and theatre based techniques.