ABCD Innovation Center took part in "Farming with young people" project which was funded by European Union and British Council. The main goal of the project was to develop capacities, networks and future project ideas of partner organizations interested in popularizing agricultural, gardening and farming activities among young people.

The Contact Making Event brought together representatives of 17 civil society organizations in order to boost their partnership in promoting global responsibility among the young people.

Contact Making Event-Youth for Global Responsibility (Oct 25-31, 2015) 

Slettestrand, Denmark

Youth for Global Responsibility TOT (October 7-16, 2015)

Chisinau, Moldova

"Farming with young people" Contact Making Event (October 2-10, 2015)


The Training of Trainers Youth for Global Responsibility is an 8-working day training in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, gathering 37 youth leaders and trainers from 15 different countries. In the context of an ever globalized world, where regional challenges tend to affect us all, the partners in the project agree that global responsibility concept has to be mainstreamed in non formal education. With strategic policies such as Europe 2020, Millennium Development Goals, Rio +20, the partners in the project see it as their role to instil in the local communities a sense of global citizenship and responsibility. 

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