Power to the people

The Thin Line of Freedom

October was amazing for 5 Armenians who appeared in Treviso, Italy to learn and discuss topics in the field of Human Rights.
Armenian team represented ABCD Innovation Center in the project “The Thin Line of Freedom” from October 22 to 29. The group was took motivated and active participation in all the activities trying sometimes to lead discussions and brainstorming sessions.
Italian, Armenian, Egyptian and Czech participants together enjoyed non-formal education sharing opinions and experiences about freedom, equality, safety and other related topics despite differences in backgrounds and culture.

During 7 days period all 20 participants followed presentation about Universal Declaration of Human Rights, tried to understand and define law and rights, distinguish human needs and rights and finally to find the roots of mentioned issues.

Organizers of the Youth Exchange arranged an unforgettable trip to Venice. The most impressive part during the trip was the visit to Armenian island (San Lazzaro degli Armeni) monastery of the Mekhitarists. The Armenian pride was in the high level when all participants and organisers were curiously following the story about Mkhitar Sebastatsi.

Youth Exchange came to its end with the inspiring movie screening. Actions were taking place in Saudi Arabi and aimed to highlight a courage of a girl who broke all stereotypes and got a forbidden bike for girls.

All in all, as a team leader I can say that I and my best team brought to Armenia a great experience in human rights, intercultural communication and Italian warmth.

Sona Hovhannisyan 

ABCD Innovation Center