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My first international youth project ''Peace of cake'' and

how it changed something precious in my mind 

Excited and a little bit nervous but full of expectations I arrived at London. ''Peace of Cake'' was my first international project and I didn't even know  what to expect, in which environment I will spend 7 days and what kind of people will surround me. 

The first interaction was with the boy from Ukraine – Artem, who I letter found out was really a nice and talented boy and the first thing we talked about was about tense situation both Armenia and Ukraine have with neighboring countries. 

Then, the days of learning, experience sharing, thinking and acting, creativity and happiness started. Every moment was an unforgettable experience – meeting new people from other countries, other cultures, sharing the stereotypes we have about each other, talking about religions, sharing national foods, identifying what we have in common and where the roots are coming from, learning and dancing national dances of different countries, discussing the values we have and the values we would like to have. I felt I was in a game which is changing my mind in an unnoticeable way. 

As closer was the end of the project, as more we were out of the limitations brought by borders, cultures, religions and more in an unlimited space of humanity. I remembered my thoughts on the first day about the friendship with our neighbors, and my experience showed that it is totally possible, that no matter from which country the person is, no matter what is the religion the person has, but what does matter, is the values and merits of the person. 

I came back to Armenia with a more expanded outlook, full of new ideas of change and last but not least I gained a friendship with amazing people from around the world, with whom I will always be in touch and collaborate to make the world a better place to live. 

I will definitely bring together all the knowledge and tools learned and gained during the project and my trip to London and disseminate it in my country by organizing friendly and meetings with local youth.

To sum up, my first experience in participating in an international youth project was amazing!

Taguhi Manvelyan