Power to the people

ABCD Innovation Center

March 18, 2017 marks the start of the project “(E) Unite against Thalassemia which took place in Hatay, Turkey.  The topic which is not touched much but needs a lot of attention and discussions. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder which causes severe anemia. The project united all the countries that had high level of disease and are in need of fighting against thalassemia. 

During the project we experienced diverse methods which were very useful and productive. By the help of different simulations, activities, discussions and team-work participants tried to dig as much deeper as possible into the topic. All participant countries presented the current situation in their countries, presented reports including official statistics and figures, the ways of fighting against the disease and existing best practices. This was a great chance for better understanding the overall situation in the world and especially in the countries with high level of patients suffering from thalassemia. 

Besides all the activities and sessions we had a chance for several meetings which were very interesting and played a crucial part in promoting our understanding. First we were welcomed by Defne Municipality and had a meeting with the Mayor who has explained the general situation and expected steps. We had a chance to visit also thalassemia center and gained deeper details in this sphere. Our visits in the end were summarized with meeting the Chamber of doctors of Turkey. We shared our ideas and also gained professional overviews regarding our researches and outcomes. 

The project was held in a very nice part of Turkey and on a very high level. I would not be mistaken if I say that this was the best Erasmus+ for me so far.  All of the above I came back with new nice friends from different parts of the world, new skills, unforgettable memories and much more happiness! Impatiently looking forward to my next Erasmus +. J

Nune Maghakyan

(E)Unite Against Thalassemia TC in Hatay, Turkey (Syrian Border)