Power to the people

ABCD Innovation Center

What is active citizenship, a term that has a lot of descriptions. There is no certain definition of it but, as we found out during the training course held in Moldova, it is not only your voting duty for sure. Young people from eight different countries had gathered to discuss and understand the importance of active citizenship, as well as to learn more on coaching models and methods.  We had various sessions during which we exchanged views, considered different opinions, compared ideals and practices of democratic values applied in our countries, were introduced to ethics and communication in coaching and a lot more. Of course all these activities were accompanied by energizers, games, coffee breaks and intercultural nights full of tasty food. We also had chance to feel Chisinau vibes, to enjoy sunny autumn walks around beautiful Vadul lui Voda and to visit Old Orhei where we met a monk living alone in the cave monastery.

One of the greatest features of Erasmus projects is the opportunity to meet interesting people and make friends with them.

After this amazing project in Moldova we came back armed with new skills, tools and techniques, determined to raise awareness on the importance of being socially active, to be aware of the problems of your community and to participate in shaping a better society. So we can describe active citizenship as being involved in and contributing to your community, participating as an active member of society and making your voice heard. Don't be indifferent, take the step and remember change starts with you.

Arthur, Ilona & Elizabeth

Let's Shape A Better Society