Power to the people

ABCD Innovation Center

5 Armenians are now taking part in interesting and wonderful youth exchange in Greece, Spileo about "healthy life ". 
60 participants from 12 different countries getting together to know how to make their life better by living healthy. 
In this project you can see not only how people learn,  practice,  but also how different cultures become closer and make one big and lovely community.
There ia an atmosphere of love, peace,  respect and development.
You think it is impossible in 6 days  to learn how to have good food routine, how to do sport, when and how to it. What use and in which portions, gain a lot of knowledge,  find 60 new friends and make memories for whole life?
Ask them and they will tell you, that it's possible.
Take your opportunity,  become a member of Erasmus and learn how to learn.

"Honey" Youth Exchange in Greece