HERITAGE HUNTERS. Study Visit to Moldova

It is very important to master and be the bearer of your own culture, but it is even better when you are familiar with other cultures. From October 6 to 14, about 25 participants from 7 countries participated in the "Heritage hunters" program in Moldova. The first part of the project took place in Orhei city, then all the participants spent one wonderful day in the village Bahrinesti, where we   got closer acquainted with the Moldovan culture, rural life, learn national songs and dances, tasted traditional food. We have had a really amazing intercultural evening, where every country introduced their culture. It was really interesting to get acquainted with the culture of another nation. At the end spent we spent the night in rural families.

The next part of the program took place in Vadu lui Voda .

During a very busy and exciting program, the participants got acquainted with each other in the culture, acquired new experiences, knowledge, friends from all over the world, and eventually learned how to write programs, focusing attention on how to achieve success. It was a wonderful opportunity to write down programs in groups, where we have learned the most important points of project design and implementation, factors that influence effectiveness.

Wonderfully selected introductory games have shaped the family atmosphere from the very first day, and the teamwork of the next days made us more and more into the atmosphere.

Throughout the project, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of Moldova not only theoretically, but also ոe tried to do what ordinary people live in.
During the project active discussions and experience exchanges were also held, which, in our opinion, would enable each of us to record new successes in his or her society.
A truly successful project, irreplaceable days, effective discussions and applicable knowledge, warm atmosphere and unmatched people. Achievements that will be with us throughout our lives. And we really thank you for all of that. It was a great opportunity for us. 

With love Anahit, Almira, Ara   

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