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ABCD Innovation Center

  • Have you ever spent more than 30 hours to get to the meeting point?
  • Have you ever “used” bus, plane, train and taxi to get to the single destination?
  • Have you ever been a “star” in a performance/ this is not the same as theatre, man :) /
  • And finally, have you ever come back home with unforgettable memories and new feelings? 

So, this Erasmus story is just for you!

Our journey started from the symbolic place called Ponchikanoc: yes, the place where you can taste the sweetest Armenian donuts ever. So, why symbolic? The answer is simple as the upcoming days were going to be so sweet that I really hope that the flavor will stay with us for a long time! The next destination was Tbilisi followed by Istanbul and finally, Barcelona. Let me close the flying part of the journey and open the 7 hours’ journey along the Mediterranean by train. Yes, it was a long ride but, fortunately, the great sense of humor was within each of the member of my team and the long way wasn’t a struggle. It was a period when the special jokes, funny phrases, gestures with weird meanings formulated and most importantly we had a spirit of real team, not just a group of participants from Armenia. Here, I will take a chance to tell how important is to travel with people who are passionate, young and brave, open –minded and with eyes ready to discover and explore!
After 30 hours on the roads we got to the meeting point (we did it!) :)

The next day with the help of our coordinators we broke the ice. It was an unforgettable experience to communicate and live with the representatives of different cultures, to try to understand their cultures, lifestyle and even stereotypes. On the other hand, the project itself was a new experience for each of us: performance, performing arts and audiovisuals. Before the project I used to think that performance and theatre are quite the same but after the first discussions of performance with our trainer Dani Hernandez I was lost. Performance is weird and interesting at the same time, and to tell the truth, we weren’t able to understand it deeply. The days with hard work and discussions started and we started to come closer to the main idea of the performance. At the end we felt in love with the ideology of Performance.
Now imagine 25 young people with different backgrounds and professions who share their own experience, who passionately tell about the countries they live, who dance, laugh and play guitar, who just lay down and look at stars all night long: this is Erasmus exchange.

Here is something valuable and vital we can share from our experience: don’t lose the chance to become a member of Erasmus Family and if you have taken the latter be creative, be yourself and just feel the moment.
And most importantly, I will take a chance to thank the ABCD Innovation Center for the valuable mission they follow: they truly unleashed our potential and encouraged full and active community engagement.
Thank you!

From the team of Murcia, Spain ։)

Edita, Khachik, Lusine, Haykanush, Mane & Mkhitar

“FUSION! - When audiovisual meets performing art