Have you ever experienced a deeper sense of inclusion? - Me neither, until the week spent in the woods of Ireland , a safe haven called Woodstown.

Self-development is one of the keys to a better life, but first of all you need to discover yourself. The training course called “A Deeper Sense of Inclusion” was a great opportunity to do so.  From 15 to 22 of June it was a week full of emotions, interesting topics, fun and different personalities, who created a huge caring family after all. 

​Team building, intercultural communication, personal experience… these helped to understand what vulnerability is, to feel the power of silence and also the sounds of silence (believe me, it actually has a sound). The interactive method of sharing the main aim of the Training Course led us to a Labyrinth Theatre Performance which fully expressed the knowledge gained during the week. 

Marvelous nature, professional trainers, positive atmosphere, caring and honest people all around… what else do you need for an effective and memorable training?

Believe in yourself, feel free to express your feelings, thoughts and of course, trust the process! 

Marianna Ghazanchyan 

Deeper Sense of Inclusion

ABCD Innovation Center

Power to the people