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Another world is possible 

Hi! Greetings from Armenia!
We would like to sum up our project "Another world is possible" which took place in Vadul lui Voda, Moldova (November 14-23). We had a great Training Course which had a goal to teach us how to engage young people with fewer opportunities into social activities through urban arts.

The project gathered together 31 young people from 8 countries namely Denmark, UK, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Armenia and Moldova. All of them were amazing young people and thanks to them the project succeeded. We would also like to thank the organizers of the project Baby People and InterCollege.

Now let me talk about our activities during the project. We spent 8 amazing days in Moldova that were full of various sessions and workshops. All sessions were organized wonderfully, all of the participants were involved and had their own position in every session and activity. Particularly we liked the session about Global Responsibility, where we had to raise awareness of an issue using any form of art such as writing a poem, acting or painting. This was really an interesting exercise. Another one that we would like to mention is Zeo's workshop when we got acquainted with a music production tool and techniques of writing lyrics. This was an amazing experience! And of course, the most important part of the whole project was La VIA NGO based in Chisinau. We made the day of the children and young people there. We organized different activities from which they could chose and take part in, like producing music, dancing, playing football, graffiti and painting on the walls, painting on faces and a lot more. Children were very happy and the smiles on their excited faces was worth our effort. To say the truth, we did a great job! It was a great opportunity and a huge experience for both our delegation and all other young people we met in that beautiful country. The most important thing is that after the project we have gained many incredible memories (especially funny stories) and have left some nice pieces of urban arts which will remain in Moldova for many years showing our sympathy and respect towards young people from all over the world.

 And as David likes to say: Let's make another world possible again!

Irina, Ilona & Davit